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Honda Adventure Bikes For Sale

Honda Adventure Bikes for Sale

We have an incredible selection of Honda motorcycles, both new and used, at our showrooms in Leicester and Peterborough. We have the right model for everyone - whether you're looking at your first motorcycle or you've been a fan for years. Our professional onsite team will be happy to show you around, giving you a helping hand with your next purchase.

Honda VFR1200X

The VFR1200X comes in two models: the DCT and ABS. The DCT model is available for £12,229 while the ABS model goes for £11,499. Customers purchasing this Honda Adventure Motorcycle will appreciate the power and sound produced by its smooth but powerful V4 engine. With great power comes great control, not to mention a sound that you'll love hearing every time you get on the road.

The VFR1200X is slim and compact, for an easy riding experience. The motorcycle was first launched in 2012, and is already considered to be Honda's top range adventure sports touring motorcycle. It comes with a 1,237cc V4 engine, advanced chassis and electronic package; a Traction Control System, ABS, and an option of a Dual Clutch Transmission gearbox that offers a direct riding experience. The gear changes are seamless, with a feel that riders will enjoy and get used to very quickly.

Honda Selectable Torque Control, introduced in 2014, monitors front and rear wheel speeds for improved performance. It gives the rider three different levels to choose from: MT/Manual mode, automatic D mode (suited for cruising in the city and the highway), and Automatic S mode (ideal for sport). The six-speed duel clutch transmission gearbox is now better than ever, with a new software update to make the performance feel even more natural whenever you're riding. Honda also added a new windscreen that is easily adjustable.

Honda VFR800X Crossrunner

The VFR800X Crossrunner is very similar to the VFR1200X Cross-tourer VFR800X Crossrunner riders will also benefit from the Selectable Torque Control System. If a loss of rear wheel traction should occur, the system will reduce the torque to allow the tyre to grip the road. The aluminium frame has been re-configured, while the single-sided aluminium swingarm was made stiffer and lighter. Visually it's identical to the more expensive models, but the VFR800X Crossrunner Crossrunner's suspension has longer travel. It's a fun riding motorbike that brings style, comfort, and practicality. This model is ready for purchase for £9,999.

Honda CB500X

Honda's CB500X, at £6,069, comes with a powerful two-cylinder engine and long travel suspension, built for an adventure. It was introduced in 2013, when adventure riding was gaining in popularity. The motorcycle comes at a reasonable and affordable price, and is ideal for beginners as well as experienced riders who just want a casual vehicle for practical and sportive situations.

Honda CRF250L

The CRF250L is an all-rounder bike, built for form and function. It comes with a tough steel frame and a long travel Showa suspension that remains unchanged, but with a new minimalist bodywork for a slimmed down and sharper look. Going through traffic early in the morning or after work is easy with the CRF250L. The motorcycle also has a digital dash that shows the tachometer and fuel gauge. ABS is fitted, although there is an option of disengaging it for the rear brake. It comes with a 249cc engine that delivers strong bottom-end and peak power, while maintaining low fuel consumption. This entry level vehicle comes in at only £4,899.

This is the more deluxe model of the CRF250L, on sale for £9,469. It's tough and lightweight chassis offers excellent grip in all situations. The engine is powerful and strong, offering plenty of enjoyment for off-road hobbyists - while remaining nimble and responsive enough to take on city streets. Honda has also increased the fuel tank for the top model, and added all-LED lighting.

Honda CRF250 Rally

The CRF250 Rally is available for £5,599 and performs beautifully in daily commutes, weekend adventures, and long-distance riding situations. The motorcycle comes with a long travel suspension as well as large-disk ABS brakes, offering excellent weather protection. The engine provides a solid bottom end torque with strong top-end power. Taking design inspiration from the CRF450 Rally, this model brings extra versatility. It lets riders remain comfortable as they cruise through the desert, go on a casual ride around the city, or take a long road trip.

Honda X-ADV

Standing out is not easy in today's competitive world, but it's hard to mistake Honda X-ADV for any other model. It's been developed by the Honda team in Italy, which brings a different look from the standard Honda Adventure Bike. The X-ADV offers ruggedness and class, allowing you to have fun while riding - whether your trip brings you to the city or on an adventure you've been planning.

The X-ADV comes with a bright twin headlight that delivers excellent visibility. The seat is made from premium materials to make your journey a comfortable and unforgettable one. Thanks to the motorcycle's hand protection, your experience won't be affected by weather, wind, or debris. The front-wheel offers great control and handling, for a smooth ride on a variety of surfaces. The model comes with a special set of tires that is suited for the X-ADV's rugged looks and attributes. This one-of-a-kind motorcycle is on sale now for £9,959.

Honda NC750X

The NC750X comes in two models: The standard model that costs £7,099, and the DCT model that costs £700 extra at £7,799. The new design is bold and strong, delivering outstanding performance. The 750cc engine is made for those seeking an adventure, providing a long travel suspension and Dual Clutch Transmission.

Honda Africa Twin

The Honda Africa Twin is the perfect companion for long-distance touring, casual off-road rides, or any other type of adventure you have in mind. This model simply delivers the ride of a lifetime in terms of comfort, versatility, and pure power.

The Honda Africa Twin includes a large capacity fuel tank, so you can take it anywhere you want to. It also comes with a long travel suspension, for better ground clearance and weather protection. Three riding modes are featured, along with an additional mode to activate when you want to go off-road. This model is capable of enduring rough rides, off-roading, and poorly maintained roads - remaining dependable so that it will always be there when you need it.

The Honda Africa Twin has been designed and manufactured to push limits. All the while, it remains sharp and agile, offering great handling with a lightweight frame for easy manoeuvrability. Its performance never misses a beat, whether casually riding through the city or speeding through a trail after a rock climb.

The motorcycle comes with a powerful 1100cc twin-cylinder engine, with a throttle that will give your ride a crisp and dynamic feeling. It also comes with new dual headlights that deliver a strong beam of light for visibility in any environment. The light is turned on during daytime as well, automatically adjusting to the ambient light so you can always see what is ahead of you. The model also comes with a 6.5-inch touch screen, perfect for navigation and other controls. Honda has redesigned the Africa Twin chassis, and riders will notice that the design is suitable for both seated and standing use.

At the same time, new innovations have upgraded the safety system. There is now a 6-axis Inertial Measurement Unit that monitors movement of Honda's Selectable Torque Control, Wheelie Control and Engine Break. The motorcycle comes with ABS, providing additional safety when you're out on the road. The Honda Africa Twin comes in six different models, selling from £10,795 to £14,649.

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