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Honda Gold Wing Tour Bikes for Sale

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The finest Gold Wing Tour motorbikes in the Leicester and Peterborough area are at Wheels Honda. Our range of Honda Gold Wing Tour Bikes provides the pinnacle of comfort, performance, power and control.

At Wheels Honda, we are dedicated to providing the Leicester and Peterborough areas with the finest range of new and used Honda motorcycles. Whether you're a first-time customer or have known us for years, you'll be blown away by our unbeatable selection of high-quality bikes, stellar servicing, and friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Whether you're an avid motorcycle enthusiast, a casual rider, or even a beginner, our range of Honda touring bikes is sure to have the perfect option for you. Our Honda Gold Wing Tour bikes are designed for the open road, and provide the comfort, maneuverability, performance, fuel economy, and safety that is the signature of the Honda brand.

Our Honda Gold Wing bikes have large windshields and displacement fairings to protect you from the wind and weather. With larger fuel tanks than sports bikes, our touring bikes are ideal for long-range riding. The horsepower in the engine will really let you feel the roar as you conquer the motorways. And, the upright, relaxed seating position allows you to feel far more comfortable than you would be on a sports bike without sacrificing any aspect of the thrill of the ride.

Every model comes with a 7-inch full colour TFT liquid display screen with navigation, voice control, HSTC managing, different rider modes, Bluetooth, and Apple CarPlay. They also come with four speakers: two in front and two at the back. The windscreens are electrically operated and can be adjusted to your liking. The bikes also remember your favourite riding position and will automatically adjust to pre-programmed settings.

We have come a long way from manually starting the bike. Now, you can just press a button with the key in your pocket. The left-hand side switch gear houses a button for a reverse mode while the right side allows you to choose your riding mode and cruise control settings. The seats are wide, at around 30 inches, keeping you comfortable even after hours of riding. The seats can also be heated for added warmth in chillier weather. The newer versions have smaller fuel tanks, but with improved technology, they’re more fuel efficient than ever before.

Whatever your skill or experience level, one of our three Honda touring bikes is sure to be the perfect choice for you. Our current models are lighter, sportier and more powerful than the previous generation. They also handle better, have better fuel economy, and more safety features.

Honda Gold Wing

The new Gold Wing provides an outstanding riding experience. It has a new, sportier design and higher performance. Honda has worked very hard to make Gold Wing the best touring motorbike in its class with improved handling, fuel economy and suspension.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Tour

The second model - the GL1800 Goldwing Tour - has been completely redesigned. It has a new chassis, a new engine, and a new suspension system. It's lighter and slimmer than the Gold Wing, with heated grips, rear speakers, electrically adjustable suspension, increased storage space, and a more streamlined windscreen. The GL1800 Goldwing Tour also has an airbag model option in the range.

Honda GL1800 Gold Wing Tour DCT

The GL1800 Goldwing Tour DCT is the best touring model you can get. You'll feel a deep roar coming from the powerful engine when you twist the throttle. The brand-new model comes in an all-aluminium frame with a double-wishbone front suspension system that delivers a strong and progressive feel. The rear end has a brand-new Pro Arm unit along with Honda's own link configuration that pivots on the swingarm, offering extra strength along with greater comfort for both the driver and any passenger who comes along for the ride.

The GL1800 Goldwing Tour DCT has four ride modes to choose from: Tour, Sport, Rain, and Econ. Tour riding mode is best for overall performance, with response that is easier to manage than other modes. Sport is for those who want more fun: You will definitely feel the higher response from throttle and firmer suspension but it's not as smooth as the default Tour mode. Rain mode adds extra safety for riding in inclement weather. Econ mode maximises fuel economy.

The best of the best of Honda touring bikes, the GL1800 Goldwing Tour DCT lets you conquer the road in style.

Contact us today for more information or come down for a visit to see for yourself why Honda Gold Wing Tour bikes are so highly respected in the motorcycle rider community.