Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee


This is a summary of the Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee provided by Honda. A copy of the full terms and conditions is set out in the Plan Document and is available from a Dealer upon request.

Words which are capitalised in these Brief Details have the meanings as set out in the Plan Document.



You are eligible for a Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee if:

a) The Motorcycle is covered by the Honda manufacturer’s warranty;
b) You are an individual resident of, or if a company, are registered in, Great Britain, Northern Ireland, Channel Islands or the Isle of Man;
c) The Motorcycle is as identified on the Application Form;
d) The Motorcycle is not used for hire or reward (a taxi or self-drive hire); and
e) The Motorcycle has not been modified other than in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.



If the Motorcycle suffers a Mechanical Breakdown, the cost of the Repair (parts, labour and VAT) will be paid under this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee.

Your entitlement to the benefits of this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee are conditional upon:

a) the Motorcycle being serviced by a Dealer in accordance with the Service Book; and
b) the Motorcycle not being used for any form of timed or competitive event.

The period of guarantee is as stated on the Application Form.



The following are excluded from the scope of this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee:
a) Tuning, adjustments or the cleaning of any assemblies including but not limited to the fuel and lubrication systems or the changing of the cam belt at the intervals specified in the Service Book.
b) Any claim notified to a Dealer more than 14 days after the Mechanical Breakdown has become apparent.
c) Damage caused by neglect, corrosion, intrusion of foreign or deleterious matter, lack of servicing, over-heating, rust, freezing or abuse or the continued use of the Motorcycle after a fault has become evident.
d) Any failure due to normal wear and tear.
e) Components that have been incorrectly fitted, faulty or defective at the time the Customer purchased the Motorcycle, or of faulty manufacture/design and alterations/modifications from the manufacturer’s specification.
f) Any losses that You suffer as a result of being in breach of the terms of this Honda Motorcycle Extended

Guarantee, except those losses which are a foreseeable consequence of the breach.

A full list of exclusions is contained in section 13 of the Plan Document.



Hondacare Assistance is provided by Honda on a complimentary basis as part of this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee and includes Honda Home Assistance, Honda Roadside Assistance, Honda Recovery Assistance, Honda European Assistance and Honda Messenger which Honda may provide in its absolute discretion; subject to that discretion, Honda will use all reasonable endeavours to provide You with assistance. Full details can be found in the Service Book and are summarised in section 12 of the Plan Document.


Applicable Law: This Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee shall be subject to English Law.
Claims and Complaints: If You have any queries associated with this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee including those relating to claims or complaints You may write to Honda Guarantee Customer Relations Department, The Aspen Building (Floor 2), Vantage Point Business Village, Mitcheldean, Gloucestershire, GL17 0AF. Should You remain dissatisfied, You can approach: The Customer Relations Manager at Honda (UK) for assistance by writing to: Honda (UK) Customer Relations Department, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1HL or The Consumer Affairs Officer at the SMMT for assistance by contacting: The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, 71 Great Peter Street, London SW1P 2BN.

Cancellation: You may cancel this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee within 14 days of receiving the Plan Document and You will receive a full refund providing no claims have been made. If You cancel after 14 days of receiving the Plan Document no refund of payments will be due. If You wish to cancel this Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee, please contact Your Dealer in the first instance.

Language: This Honda Motorcycle Extended Guarantee is written in English and all correspondence entered into shall be in English.

Additional needs: For large print, audio and Braille You can call us on 0330 100 3400 or text telephone 0330 100 3330