Mon, 02 Jul 2018

FREE Datatool TrakKING Adventure

We are pleased to announce that from July 2nd, all new Honda Road motorcycles have the option to have the top of the range Datatool tracking unit, the TrakKING Adventure, supplied and fitted free of charge. This has a normal suggested retail price of £349 fitted.

What does it do?

In essence Datatool TrakKING Adventures is an insurance approved GNSS/GSM tracking solution, providing 24/7/365 theft monitoring and full journey history. Product highlights include:

• Designed and built in the UK, TrakKING Adventure is a Thatcham Quality Assured approved tracking solution. TQA approved devices comply with strict approval criteria not only for the design and quality of the hardware but also for the requirements of the 24/7/365 monitoring centre.

• Police Preferred Specification – with Police ‘Secured by Design’ approval, TrakKING Adventure is a product which can be recommended by Police forces nationwide as meeting their preferred specification.

• The bike is monitored for signs of theft as soon as the ignition goes off, with the initial movement alert being provided by text message. If the unit detects a potential theft a full alert is generated to the monitoring centre and the customer will be called to verify the bike has been stolen.

• The unit has been designed from the ground up to be motorcycle and scooter friendly with a waterproof casing design and ultra-low current draw (0.4ma) to minimise battery drain.

• The owner can check the location of their bike easily using the TraKKING Adventure website or via the free iOS and Android smartphone apps.

• European tracking coverage is included automatically in the customer subscription, which costs £109 per year or can be paid monthly at £9.95 per month.

• ‘G Sense’ Notifications: (Impact detection and alert) TrakKING Adventure contains a highly sensitive 3D accelerometer which can detect the difference between a fall in a car park and a high speed impact. SMS notifications can be sent to emergency contacts in the event of a high G impact. Customers can enable or disable ‘G Sense’ from the user control panel.

• For a small additional monthly subscription (£3 per month) you can now add 999 crash detection, REALSafe can detect if the rider has a crash and the app will automatically notify the emergency services, who can send an ambulance to the riders last known location.

• Location Based Alerts: TrakKING Adventure provides the capability to send an alert based on the vehicle arriving or leaving a specified area. E.g. a reminder to pay a toll.

More details can be found here
And a brief video overview here